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Help Entrepreneurs Build Better Credit to Access Financing

Entrepreneur Sharita Humphrey knows firsthand how important it is to build and maintain positive personal credit. Several years ago she hit rock bottom financially, which resulted in her and her two small children being evicted from their apartment. A motel became their home for almost a year. She knew that she had to rebuild her finances and personal credit because two of her goals required both. She was determined to secure a new home for her family and to get a job working for the government.

By building her credit, Humphrey was able to accomplish both of her goals, and her government position gave her the financial stability that she never had before. After a few years of working, she struck out on her own as an entrepreneur, helping others through financial coaching and education. Her business ventures would lead her to be recognized in 2020 as the National Financial Educator of the Year, to become a brand partner and media spokesperson for fintech company Self Financial, and a contributing writer to America’s SBDC, among other accomplishments.

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None of this would have happened had she not taken the initiative to work on her credit. “Positive credit profiles require proactive measures, not just reactive ones,” says Humphrey. “When you focus on building your credit, you’re making an investment in your future and the life and dreams you have for your family and yourself.”

If you’re a credit-challenged entrepreneur, you already know how hard it can be to get the financing you need to grow your business. Many small business financing options involve a personal credit check, and the best rates and terms often go to those with good credit. Once your personal credit scores reach 650 or higher, more options open up; higher FICO scores—in the 700s or higher—can help secure excellent rates on small business loans.