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“How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes” residential course, April 2013

LIRNEasia in collaboration with Indian Journal of Law and Technology IJLT (National Law School of India University, Bangalore) organized a 4-day residential course on “How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes” at Citrus Hotel, Bangalore 5-8 April 2013. The main goal was to enable members of Indian civil-society groups to marshal available research and evidence for effective participation in broadband policy and regulatory processes, thereby facilitating and enriching policy discourse on means of increasing broadband access by the poor. This course was funded by Ford Foundation.

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A combination of teaching formats was used to enhance collaboration, open discussion and build a thorough grounding in Broadband Policy and Regulation. Lectures, panel discussions, team work, and individual assignments were utilized as teaching tools.

Course Report

The presentations of the course are below


Day 1

Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 – Research on significance of broadband/Internet

Session 3 – Finding Research

Session 4 – Demand-side Research

Day 2

Session 5 – Interrogating supply-side indicators

Session 6 – Assessing & summarizing research 

Session 7  – The art of media interaction 

Day 3

Session 8 – Indian broadband policy & regulatory environment in relation to comparator countries

Session 9 – Policy/regulatory questions amenable to evidence

Session 10 – Making policy & doing regulation

Session 11 – Influencing policy using evidence – Panel Discussion

Session 12 – International policy debates on Internet and broadband

Day 4

Session 13 – Research on subsidies in broadband eco system

Session 14 – Spectrum policy debates

Session 15 – Framing issues