Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, IIT Delhi, India, December 2016

A 4-day residential course on ‘How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processes’ will be held in IIT, Delhi (16th- 19th December 2016). This is the seventh of a series of short courses funded by Ford Foundation. The first two courses of this series mainly focused on producing knowledgeable consumers of research who are able to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, whereas this course along with the previous courses in New Delhi, India, Nagarkot, Nepal and Marawila, Sri Lanka incorporats how to produce policy-relevant research into the syllabus.

Call for applications: English

Syllabus of the course can be accessed here.

Photos of the Event

Course Report


The presentations of the course are below

Day 1

Session 0 – Introduction to workshop

Session 1 – Research to Policy

Session 2 –Writing for Parliamentarians

Session 3 – Finding research

Session 4 – Group formation. Assignments & Portal introduction

Session 5 –What do we expect from public consultations? 

Plan for the assignment

Day 2

Session 6 – Demand-side research / BharatNet

Session 7 – National Broadband Network four countries

Session 8 –Policy on Virtual Network Operators

Session 9 –Net Neutrality

Session 10 – Interrogating supply-side indicators

Day 3

Session 11 –Evolution of Internet Policy in India

Session 12 –Social Media & Government

Session 13 –Communicating policy-relevant findings (Slideset 1)

Communicating policy-relevant findings (Slideset 2)

Session 14 –Chat Box – Spectrum Policy

Session 15 – Avoiding common mistakes in interpreting law & policy

Day 4

Group 1- Presentation, Policy brief

Group 2- Presentation, Policy brief

Group 3- Presentation, Policy brief

Group 4- Presentation, Policy brief

Group 5- Presentation, Policy brief

Group 6-Presentation, Policy brief