Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

Inter connection

The Broadband Interconnection score has also reduced from 2007-2008. NIXI (Neutral Internet Exchange India) has not been effective as Internet Exchange Point despite various efforts made from time to time. Despite all the efforts optimal utilization of NIXI’s infrastructure has not been achieved. As on 12th January 2011 only 36 of the total 167 operational ISPs were connected to NIXI. The data available on NIXI website on this date indicates that the weekly traffic exchanged at all the seven nodes is approx 23 Gbps, which is merely 5% of the total national bandwidth of 483 Gbps reported by ISPs at the end of September 2010. Presently NIXI is not a telecom licensee and therefore is not under the purview of TRAI & DoT. There is clear resistance of the service providers to join NIXI which cannot be mandated as NIXI is not a service provider. NIXI being independent agency cannot be regulated in terms of QoS, tariffs and infrastructure.