Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

Quality of Services

TRAI looks at various parameters to define quality of services by the operators. These include accessibility of call centres, response time to the customers, call drops, voice quality and network congestion. According to the latest QoS survey the percentage of offenders for the following parameters of QoS (wireless) (i) Worst affected cells having more than 3% TCH drop (call drop) rate (15.7%) (ii)Point of Interconnection (POI) Congestion issues (12.3%) (iii) Metering and billing credibility – pre paid (17.8%) (iv) % age of calls not answered by the operators (voice to voice) within 60 seconds (37.3%). Poor customer accessibility in the customer service call centre is a major reason for poor QoS scores (figure 25). While the QoS surveys report does not show very poor QoS parameters for broadband, the perception and LIRNEasia research shows that QoS is unsatisfactory in terms of promised and actual speeds.

TRAI proposals to enhance broadband speed soon: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) will soon come out with recommendations on broadband aimed at enhancing speed from the minimum 512 kbps to up to 2 Mbps and for Right of Way (RoW) that will pave way for laying down the optical fibre network at the level of FTTH (fibre to the home).