Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

Spectrum Authorizations

The process of approving the use of radio communication through specific spectrum is called spectrum authorization. The spectrum manager does the following things for this purposes : 1. Approves the specific band of spectrum to users or group of users, 2. Makes sure that the allocated spectrum assignment happens in accordance with the national and international table of frequency allocations. Authorization is important to ensure efficient, and proper functioning of the scarce resource.

This paper summarizes the lessons that can be learnt from the Spectrum Auctions in India.


Radio spectrum regulation – This link gives an overview of the different spectrum frequency allocation approaches including administrative approach, market approach and commons approach.

Spectrum Auctions – This link gives some Best Practice Guidelines for Spectrum Auctions.

Spectrum Licensing Regimes – The growing demand for spectrum for broadband covers a range of wireless technologies and standards. This link gives an overview of the different Spectrum licensing regimes.



Nigeria: Of Spectrum Hunger and Broadband Bread