Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

Inter connection

The key elements in the TRE questionnaire on interconnection include the following: interconnection with a major operator should be ensured at any technically feasible point in the network; quality of interconnection comparable to similar services offered by own network; and reasonable rates, unbundling and timely interconnection. All three sub‐sectors in this dimension have performed below the average performance level of 3.0.

A comparison of scores for the years 2006, 2008 and 2010/11 for interconnection indicates that scores for the fixed and mobile sectors remain relatively unchanged while broadband score has slightly increased. However, considering that a new regime of interconnection charges has been implemented for the mobile sector in 2010/11, having had no such regulations in place in previous years, one would expect scores to reflect an improvement in the perception of stakeholders towards interconnection in the mobile sector.