Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

Regulating Access Prices

Access price can shape competition in the market. Opening access for the new entrant to the ‘bottleneck facilities’ and allowing the operator to set the price of access needs regulatory oversight. The links give price bench marking methodologies and country pricing.

This consultation paper by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, is on setting access prices at cable landing stations.

Country Studies

Australian competition commission on access price – This document outlines the ACCC’s approach when considering access pricing issues under Part XIC of the Trade Practices Act.



Regulating Access Prices – In developed countries fundamental changes in the approach to access pricing are taking place with the transition to all digital networks. Developing countries have the opportunity to leap-frog legacy pricing approaches as the networks being built now are digital. This link explores the following topics: Policy Issues, Key Concepts, Pricing Interconnection, Pricing Unbundled Access, Pricing Infrastructure Sharing, Pricing Resale.


Access pricing: monopoly, competition and price cap regulation – This paper undertakes,a comparison of competitive, monopoly and price capped monopoly solutions to the access pricing problem under uncertainty.