Indian Broadband Policy and Regulatory Resources

Quality of Service

It is rather surprising that QoS ranked second highest after market entry given that monitoring of QoS by the NTC is basically non‐existent today as the system is self reported. The NTC has never come up with its own QoS data.

From the perception survey, mobile service received the highest score, 3.1, while broadband received the lowest score, 2.9. Perhaps competition in the cellular market has prompted service providers to maintain service quality in order to gain or secure their market share. Lower quality for broadband reflects the lack of competition in the service as the market is currently dominated by a single provider, TRUE, with a much smaller market share being held by TOT. NTC has handed out several broadband licenses to new entrants; however, the installation of a network is time‐consuming. Competition in the market is likely to intensify in the near future; hence, consumers can expect service quality to be improved eventually.

LIRNEasia’s broadband QoS data can be accessed here